Is your Care Home or Retirement Community ready for the digital switchover?

Are you ready for the Digital Switchover?

Telephone service providers announced in 2017 that they will be turning off their PSTN and ISDN telephone lines and moving to digital networks in 2025.

This means that companies involved in delivering Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) will need to upgrade their analogue telecare devices as digital services become standard.

It is important to act now and start planning your digital future.


What is TECS?

TECS is the description used for a range of health and care technologies such as Telecare. 


The ENS InfoNet is ready for the digital switchover and provides a modern, aesthetically pleasing console which will enhance communications and support services throughout retirement communities.

InfoNet delivers efficiency in a multitude of ways as well as benefiting the health and wellbeing of individuals.  Collecting and combining data digitally will make life easier for carers and relatives.  The InfoNet uses digital tools to make communication between family members and carers easier and from one central point.


InfoNet Console


How to improve socialisation within Retirement Communities

Moving in to Sheltered Accommodation or Retirement Communities can be a difficult transition for our loved ones who may encounter some obstacles when trying to become more familiar with their new living environment.  This can be frustrating and heart breaking for families.  The Info Net encourages people to communicate and get involved by providing care operators the ability to send emails direct to the clients InfoNet console.  Examples include

  • The activities co-ordinator can deliver all the event information for the week or month via one email to all the clients and maybe follow up with another email on the day of the event. “Yoga Starts at 10.00am today.”
  • The administrator can send a reminder to a particular client “Mr Edwards, the chiropodist is visiting you today at 3.30pm.”
  • The maintenance department can send a message out to everyone at short notice. ”There will be a fire alarm test at midday.”
  • The administrator can send an enquiry to all clients. “Please let me know if you are interested in visiting the local theatre next Friday.  Group discount is available for parties of 10 or more”.
  • The client can book a table for dinner or view the new seasonal menu at the restaurant.


What are the benefits of digital telecare

Digital telecare has the capacity and flexibility to support the elderly and provide digital health services.   It will benefit care providers by integrating care and sharing data and knowledge.

Digital telecare is the next generation of technology which enables information sharing and supports the vision for integrated person-centred care. 

Digital telecare will improve outcomes and keep people living independently for longer.

Many see the future of healthcare as “Connected Care”.

Please see our blog on “Connected Care”

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