How touchscreen Nursecall systems have revolutionised Care Homes & Retirement Communities

Touchscreen Nursecall technology has revolutionised the way care homes, retirement communities and sheltered accommodation deliver care to their residents. These systems provide homes with a wealth of tools to help improve safety, monitoring and recording, provide useful, actionable data and give residents access to the world of digital technology.

So how do touchscreen Nursecall systems make delivering care easier and more cost-effective?

Tailored to residents’ needs

Nursecall touchscreen devices are designed to look good, integrating seamlessly into residents’ rooms. They’re an aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic digital telecare solution, with optional screen sizes to suit individual residents’ needs.

Touchscreen devices also offer both visual and audio displays, making them accessible to residents with visual or hearing impairments.

Ease of use for staff members

In-bedroom monitoring supports staff to monitor residents remotely, and the touch screens make it easy to read locations and instructions.

Staff are notified of any calls and alerts on the system instantly, allowing them to decide on the most appropriate response.

Powerful information at your fingertips

Nursecall technology incorporates automatic staff location, so care home managers know where their staff are at all times - making it easier to manage staff and deploy them where they are needed most.

Staff are able to use the touchscreen devices to access third party databases and care notes - for example, from other health care providers or therapists - allowing them to see the ‘bigger picture’ and deliver person-centred, individualised care to all residents. With up-to-date records available at the touch of a screen, any staff member can safely provide care to any resident.

Collection of data for records

Nursecall systems provide care home managers with a comprehensive menu of reports and data. For example, they can record in-bedroom care delivery and staff attendance, providing a record of all staff visits to bedrooms, including time, duration and the member of staff who visited.

Streamlining services

This technology means that fewer night-time checks are needed on residents, potentially reducing the staff hours needed.

It’s able to collect key data and statistics from the care environment, including monitoring response times and comparing staff performance across different time periods. These systems can even provide a weekly report on the cost of care delivery and where the money is being spent, enabling managers to streamline services and ensure that a high standard of care is being delivered without wasting resources.

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