How to improve socialisation in Retirement Communities & Sheltered Accommodation

Maintaining good emotional health along with improving physical health is of significant benefit to everyone including the elderly and therefore becomes an expectation within communities such as Sheltered Housing for example.

Studies have shown that people who keep in contact with others, and life around them, have higher levels of immune-system functioning and wards off depression.

The ENS InfoNet provides connective care – keeping everyone aware of social activities, menus, events etc which will promote a sense of belonging and inclusion.

How to improve socialisation?
Keeping everyone connected and in communication is a great way to improve socilaisation.  Being able to easily email a loved one, call a friend and join an event is essential to the mental & physical health of those who move in to new premises; be it a new home or a Care Village.    

Care villages throughout the UK are providing exceptional facilities for the elderly and technology within this environment is a huge benefit and provides unparalleled support and efficiency to both the resident and the care provider.  
The initial move in to an independent living community can be a difficult transition for the elderly and it is likely that they may encounter obstacles when trying to become familiar with their new surroundings. The experience can be overwhelming and therefore it is important to act immediately so that initial reactions do not include withdrawal or loneliness.   

When an elderly resident chooses to move into a property, with the InfoNet installed, they have the immediate reassurance that….

a)    They can make an emergency call.
b)    They have a phone line already installed to call family & friends.
c)    They have Bluetooth for connection to their own devices.
d)    They can email their loved ones from day 1
e)    They are made aware of events, menus, outings and daily activities
f)    They can have reminders automatically sent to them i.e. medicine reminders
g)    They can browse the World Wide Web

All of the above is keeping the resident involved and not left alone wondering what everyone else is doing.  Giving a sense of inclusion and being part of a community is important to the wellbeing of a person moving in to a new environment.

The transition can take time but there is always encouragement for the resident to socialise with the ENS InfoNet and all the information it can provide whilst ensuring their wellbeing.

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