5 ways the UK’s first digital telecare system improves the lives of care home residents

1. Supports the socialisation and inclusion of care home residents

Digital telecare systems provide major benefits to the socialisation and inclusion of care home residents, by ensuring that everyone in the community is brought together through simple communications, both video and media. Residents are provided with a mobile handset, a messaging platform and video call.

Digital telecare brings retirement communities together and involves everyone on a daily basis, including the ability for staff to send offers and notifications from the messaging dashboard, providing an instant connection with the resident.


2. Helps families stay connected

The technological revolution has transformed the ease and access to information and communications for people of all ages. Digital telecare allows children and grandchildren to use platforms such as Skype and Whatsapp to stay in touch with their parents and grandparents via messaging and video chat, and to share photos and stories.


3. Enables residents to stay connected to their wider communities

Modern touchscreen devices allow residents to continue to use social media to stay connected to their wider communities of friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Operators of retirement communities and care homes now actively encourage their residents to stay connected to the social media applications they were used to using prior to moving in to sheltered accomodation, so they don’t lose their wider social networks.


4. Offers safety and reassurance

Digital telecare consoles such as ENS Infonet are interactive and provide safety and reassurance to residents through offering reliable emergency call, medicine notifications, wellness checks, and video door entry.

When a resident places an emergency call, staff are able to conduct a two-way conversation directly with the calling resident, enabling them to provide immediate reassurance.


5. Gives residents more freedom and autonomy

The Infonet sitewide pendant provides connected care and helps to promote an independent and fulfilling life by allowing residents greater freedom of movement.

Residents benefit from secure email, call and messaging communication between themselves and their care provider, and the ENS Speech Neck Pendant allows them to initiate an emergency call, on the move, from any location across the site - meaning that they can move about freely and safely.

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