10 reasons your Care Home should invest in digital Nursecall

In this age of digital data it seems only fitting that Nursecall goes digital.

Since ENS released the UK’s first digital system in 1987 we have continued to innovate technology in this sector. In 2018 we launched Aurum™ and InfoNet – the UK’s first touchscreen open-protocol nursecall and telecare systems. This technology has revolutionised the market and now supports residents and staff in care homes, retirement communities and sheltered accommodation across the country.

So what’s so great about digital Nursecall - and why is it worth the investment?

1. It’s designed for the modern environment

Digital Nursecall systems are designed for use in modern, new build care homes. The ergonomic Aurum™ console compliments the sophisticated surroundings of modern homes. The system integrates fully with sitewide WiFi and private cellular networks, mobile telephony, door entry, dementia light guidance and fall monitoring solutions

And existing care homes have the opportunity to access this technology by using the Liberty ID™ wireless nursecall system, which is designed to offer a simple upgrade to existing systems.

2. It gives staff the essential information they require whilst on the move

Staff are able to track residents’ movements and access third party database and care notes from anywhere on site.

3. It provides staff with the Nursecall notifications whilst on the move

Staff are instantly alerted if a resident needs assistance, or if there is an emergency situation such as a fall.

4. It logs the time it takes for a carer to respond to a resident’s call

Care home managers are able to monitor staff movements and build up a picture of staff efficiency over time, helping to improve systems, identify training needs and better support residents.

5. It allows the collection of powerful data

Digital nursecall systems collect data constantly, so managers are able to identify patterns and collate meaningful statistics. For example, they can determine which is the busiest wing, and deploy their staff accordingly.
6. It’s easily updated and accessible for remote diagnostics

Once installed, the technology can be updated easily when required, and remote diagnostics can be performed, meaning that the system can be tested and improved without the need for onsite visits.

7. It allows residents more freedom to move around

Location detectors mean that Digital Nursecall technology provides peace of mind for residents, whilst at the same time upholding their right to dignity, privacy and independence. Staff know exactly where each resident is at any time, allowing them to easily monitor residents without limiting their freedom of movement, and offering unparalleled safety at night.

8. It improves the amount of time spent with individual residents

With less time needed for monitoring and record keeping, staff have more time available to spend with residents, allowing them better quality of care as well as a better quality of life.

9. It integrates with third party Care Plans

Vital information about third party Care Plans with different health care providers is shown on the device within each resident’s room. Staff have instant access to a wealth of data, allowing them to deliver high quality, personalised care.

10. It provides data to reassure families that their loved ones are looked after

Families can rest assured that their loved ones are being looked after, as they are able to view data on their care remotely. The system also offers video chat with loved ones and the sharing of photographs and other media, transforming the integration and socialisation of residents.

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